man on straps

Aerial straps are two thin pieces of fabric that vary in width (~2 inches) and length (~10 feet) that make up the straps. 

Straps is known for its demonstration of strength, but can demonstration of flexibility as well. 

Straps is often used for conditioning for other apparatuses but can also be a beautiful performance where artist wraps, and drops themselves in and out of the straps, creating beautiful, graceful movements in the air. Training aerial straps builds strength, flexibility, and control.

Lessons are either 55-85 mins in length. All lessons begin with a guided warm-up by the instructor to prepare and help to prevent injuries.

During a lesson new skills are taught, old skills are reviewed, put together and developed into acts for those that desire and work towards them.

In our constraint effort to avoid injury we conclude each lesson with a cool down which can include conditioning and/or stretching.

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