Our flying trapeze program is currently on pause while we raise the necessary funds to purchase and install a flying trapeze that will fit in our current location.

Please follow along to see where we are, and how you can help!


Without flying trapeze there would be no West Coast Circus. Our beginnings started at the base of Cypress Mountain teaching ONLY flying trapeze lessons in the summer of 2014.

After many moves around Greater Vancouver we found ourselves in Pitt Meadows in 2016 and it has been our home ever since. 

Our most recent move has left us being more creative with our space management which means our current flying trapeze rig does not fit with all the other equipment. We are working with engineers and designers to create a new design that will fit in our current location.

This has forced us to put the flying trapeze program on hold until we can raise the funds to complete the necessary retrofit.

Flying trapeze is unique and we were very excited and proud to have offered it and are excited for it’s return. 

flying trapeze

funds raised towards trapeze rig



The invention of the flying trapeze is credited to Jules Leotard in 1859. When he introduced a trapeze bar that swung over his father’s pool. 

Since then acrobatics have innovated the rigs and evolved and developed tricks. Mostly handed down through families and now available to the general public through schools like ours.


With our most recent move we were forced to put our flying trapeze program on hold while we get a new rig developed for the space. The designing and building comes with a cost so in the meantime we are organizing multiple events to help raise funds for this project.

The cost of the project is just over $12,000 for the design, building  and papers for us to retrofit our rig into our current space.

Currently, we have raised $4607 through fundraising event, bottle drive and private donations.


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