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WCC is very proud to offer open studio training to the circus community — more practice time on the equipment is fundamental to improving!

Please note, however, that open training is a privilege and one the insurance company would prefer we didn’t offer. They don’t approve of unstructured and unsupervised training and consider it a high risk. We insist that those we have given permission for open training will meet and follow all of our guidelines and policies. These are students and professionals that are training at a higher level and are aware of the risks. The policies are ones that we agreed upon with our insurance company.

Permission for open training may be revoked at any time due to unsafe practices, bullying, misuse of equipment, breaking or damaging equipment, or anything that the WCC Team feels is unsafe to the participant, the school, or any member of the community.

• must be 18 years of age
• open training is for current students or visiting professionals

Cancelation policy

You can cancel and reschedule for ANY reason up to 24 hours before your booking (you have the flu, you’re getting hitched in Vegas, you’d rather stay home and watch Netflix, etc.). Under 24 hours means you forfeit your point rental fee, regardless of the reason (we absolutely care, we just have to pay for the space and the time of our hard-working Team). All payments are non-refundable.

form must be completed prior to requesting training time

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