Our LilTop program is designed for children ages 4-5 to explore ground and aerial circus activities in a safe environment.

Children start to build body awareness, coordination, strength, and flexibility. They will also be provided with an environment to develop their social skills, self-confidence, and independence.

Each lesson will include a warm-up game, stretching, circuit practice, and coaching on various circus equipment. Our instructors will adapt each activity to suit different skill levels.

Due to safety concerns, space constraints, and our insurance policy, we do not allow spectators into the main training area.

**Please note**
***LilTop IS NOT a parent-participation activity.***

one girl and two kids in a squatted position

Lessons are either 55-85 mins in length. All lessons begin with a guided warm-up by the instructor to prepare and help to prevent injuries.

During a lesson new skills are taught, old skills are reviewed, put together and developed into acts for those that desire and work towards them.

In our constant effort to mitigate injury we conclude each lesson with a cool down which can include conditioning and/or stretching.

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